22/29 september 2011 Dxpedition of the 5C2. team :
/P > Herne is. iota AF-068 ww.locator IL23CU,
/P > Park of Dakhla wff CNFF-007,
/P > Lighthouse of Dakhla a.r.lh.s. WSA-001,
fixed base > Dakhla city ww.locator IL23AQ,
The Herne is. was activated only one time.
All HF, Warc, 50 Mhz., all modes.
Fred 5C2J (IK7JWX), Leo 5C2L (I8LWL), Simon 5C2SG (IZ7ATN),
Ruggero 5C2P (IK2PZC), Ampelio 5C2B (IS0AGY), Belkaid CN8QX
(Dakhla), Mounaim CN8QY (Essaouira).
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